Bike maintenance

Cycling UK has produced five guides on bike maintenance, designed to be downloaded to your phone for reference for wherever you travel.

The Bicycle Maintenance Guide app has everything you need and more to maintain and repair your bike. It is made up of 36 videos containing over 4 hours of footage, 100+ images, over 100 sections. The app provides as easy way to navigate to a specific fault or repair on your bicycle. The videos are made by a current professional bicycle mechanic to ensure the material is accurate, informative and relevant. ,

The Cyclist provides step by step road bike maintenance guides with pictures to help you get back on the road, from how to clean a bike chain without removing it to front derailleur adjustment.

It is a good idea to regularly check your bike before going out, and a lot of things you can do yourself.

Brake Care

This tutorial will teach you how to diagnose brake problems, and how to mount or reposition a calliper brake.

Chain Care

Included in this tutorial is how to lubricate your chainmeasure chain wearput a new chain on your bike and how to connect and break a chain.

Check and True a Wheel

This tutorial will teach you how to check the truth of a rim on your wheel, and how to straighten a bent wheel.

Fix a Puncture

This tutorial will teach you how to remove the tyrecheck for the source of a puncturepatch an inner tube and inflate the tyre on your bike.

Lubricate a Bike

This tutorial will teach you how to lubricate the chainthe moving parts, and the cables on your bike.

Fit a Brake Cable

This tutorial will teach you how to fit a brake cable on your bike.