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  • To provide strategic oversight and monitoring of the delivery of the University Health and Wellbeing Strategy. 

Terms of Reference 

  • To act as a proactive body for all strategic Health and Wellbeing matters. 
  • To oversee the development and review of the University’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy. 
  • To oversee the implementation of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  
  • To ensure oversight of strategy delivery, the HUG will receive reports from relevant University committees responsible for implementing the key programmes of work outlined in the Strategy. 
  • To advise and provide specialist input to relevant University committees on Health 
  • and Wellbeing matters. 
  • To monitor and input to the evaluation of Health and Wellbeing initiates. 
  • To oversee the work of the Specialist Interest Groups and recommend initiatives for implementation. 
  • To review Health and Wellbeing key performance metrics. 
  • To provide an annual report to the University Executive Group. 

Healthy University Group





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Prof. Nicola Callow

Pro VC/Head of College (of Health Sciences)

+44 1248 388243


Natalie Chivers

Curator- Treborth Botanic Garden

+44 1248 353398


Dr Gemma Griffith

Associate PVC (Health and Wellbeing). Senior Lecturer

+44 1248 388067


Steffan Griffith

Deputy Director of Human Resources

+44 1248 388827


Tracy Hibbert

Director of Human Resources

+44 (0)1248 383866


Maria Lorenzini

Director of Student Experience

+44 1248 383543


Dr. Jamie Macdonald

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology, School of Human and Behavioural Sciences

+44 1248 383272


Deirdre McIntyre

Head of Residential Life

+44 (0)1248 388496


Prof. John Parkinson

Dean of College (of Health Sciences)

+44 1248 388340


Anna Quinn

Health and Wellbeing Project Manager



Mair Rowlands

Students Union Director

+44 1248 388011


Gwen Sion

Communications Officer

+44 1248 388421


Sam Wallwork

Sports Operations Manager



Ms. Donna Williams

Executive Assistant

+44 1248 388275